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SugarCRMNon Stop Portals, located in the Raleigh NC area, provides web development services for the popular open source SugarCRM customer relationship management system.  Our SugarCRM consultants can help you configure your Sugar instance to your unique specifications.

What is SugarCRM Open Source?

SugarCRM is an open source Customer Relationship Management software package.  The open source version of SugarCRM is available to be used at no charge.  Access to the software is accomplished using only a web browser.  Non Stop Portals provides SugarCRM web hosting and configuration services to adapt the software to meet your requirements.  We will install SugarCRM on any web host and make sure that it meets your requirements.  We also will provide ongoing SugarCRM support and training for your users.

A Customer Relationship Management system helps you to manage your relationships with prospects, partners, and customers.  The SugarCRM database is used to store detailed contact information about all of these relationships.  A complete history of all "touch points" is stored so that you can see all emails and phone calls for each person in your database.

SugarCRM also provides the ability to get a quick view of your sales pipeline.  Each selling opportunity is captured in the database.  As the opportunity progresses during the sales cycle, you update the status of the opportunity.  The pipeline helps you to understand how long it takes to close a new opportunity and assess the effectiveness of your sales efforts.

Marketing campaign information can also be captured in SugarCRM.  eMail marketing campaigns can be defined and executed.  Once SugarCRM sends out the email campaign, the software captures how many people view your email campaign and click through to links that you included in the campaign.

If your organization takes support or service calls, each call can be registered as a "case" to make sure that the customer is responded to in a timely fashion.  Reports can be written to help you understand what issues occur most frequently with your customers.

SugarCRM has a lot of other features and functionality to help you manage your business.  It is highly configurable.  That means that the software can be easily customized to your business requirements.  The SugarCRM community is very large and open to sharing information with others in the community.

Contact Non Stop Portals at 888-881-4605 to learn more about how we can help you implement SugarCRM.  While we are located in the Raleigh, NC area, we can provide virtual consulting services to any location.

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