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Electronically Capture Handwritten Notes

LiveScribe PulseI just purchased an ink pen that also records my handwriting. Oh, it also records the audio that is going on at the same time that I am writing! I can transfer the handwritten notes and audio to my PC via a USB connection to make it easier for me to find my notes in the future.

Watch a pencast of how the technology works.

This new digital recording ink pen is now available at your local office supply and electronics stores!

I was introduced to the LiveScribe Pulse by Greg Clary. Greg is the CEO of Mi-Co Corporation. Mi-Co is a Raleigh, NC company that produces software to recognize hand writing for data capture applications.

The Pulse uses special paper that has encoded pixels on the paper to make it possible for the device to recognize what you have written. You can either buy the special paper in several different configurations, or you can print your own paper pads from your laser printer. I would recommend buying the special paper -- it's .cheaper in the long run.

I am planning to use the Pulse for taking Customer notes. As I write the note, the audio will also be recorded. I can immediately review the audio that has been recorded by touching a specific place in the notes. The audio playback will be what was recorded at the point in time I wrote the note.

The LiveScribe is obviously a great tool for anyone taking a class. When they get back home, they can review the notes and listen to the audio to make additional annotations.

LiveScribe provides a USB docking station to recharge the ink pen battery. Desktop software is installed before docking for the first time to enable transfer of your documents to your PC. LiveScribe also provides the ability to upload a pencast to their web server.

The Pulse comes in two configurations: 2GB and 4GB. The 4GB version was only $30 more expensive at Best Buy ($199). You will need to also buy some paper. I bought some ink refills to make sure I was always ready to take notes.

The pen has a built-in speaker to play back audio immediately. You can also plug in ear buds. The ear buds also serve as an enhanced microphone.

One really neat feature is a built-in translator. I can pick a language to translate a very small set of English words to. For example, I pick the Chinese language and write "hello". When I touch hello, I can hear the Chinese word!

WAY COOL! Maybe we need to start a Pulse club!!!

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